Upright Basses
small or standard



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Small, light and removable, this new model of double bass includes several innovations giving it a rich and powerful sound, surprising for its size. The handling of the instrument is remarkable and the possibilities of adjustment and repair have been simplified.

Note that this small double bass has the same pitch as a 3/4 double bass.


The design and manufacture of these two prototypes of small double bass were made possible thanks to a grant from the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec obtained under the Research and Creation program in 2009.




Enregistrement de l’émission La Semaine verte de Radio-Canada intitulée “Le bois de musique”, qui sera diffusée en septembre 2016. À la petite contrebasse Benoît Converset, à la guitare Marc Saumier et au lap steel Jesse Ens. Pour regarder ce segment d’émission, cliquez sur l’image.