Bubinga Small Jumbo  2011

This was my first experience with very hard and heavy wood.  The main diffference between this guitar and one made from cherry is that it is a little brighter and projects maybe a little bit more in the high registers.  This wood is a bit harder than Macassar or West African Ebony and thus it is well suited for fingerboards & bridges.

The sound is excellent but not that much different from the cherry or mahogany guitars in this serie.  This is because the sound is defined by the top and the bracing pattern, in this case a combination of fan braces like a classical guitar and X braces like a steel guitar.  The three main load bearing braces are made from an assembly of white cedar and red spruce put together in such a way that they are much lighter & stiffer than a one piece brace made of spruce.  This design gives this guitar his exceptional sustain, perfect balance and lots of amplitude regardless of the wood used for the back & sides, a sound that is truly unique.