Reclaimed Wood Mahogany Small Jumbo 2012

This is a special guitar for me.  It’s top is made from the same piece of spruce I used to make my first guitar in 1993.  It comes from a floor joist I salvaged from a century old house I renovated in the late eighties.  Age  gives the spruce a darker color reminescent of cedar.   It is also lighter and more brittle than the spruce I usually work with.  The back & sides are made from a mahogany door jamb salvaged from the same house. 

As all the small jumbos in this serie, it is loud, projects well, has a wide dynamic range and is very well balanced across all the registers.  People who tried this guitar at the Montreal Guitar Show that year said it sounded like a 20 to 30 year old guitar and it was barely two days old.

Since then it has opened up quite a bit and possesses a dryer more immediate sound than the guitars I made at the same time.  This is truly an unique guitar that cannot be duplicated.