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The works of master luthiers on display at the 2010 Montreal Guitar Show

In 2009, Marc Saumier, a Canadian luthier who builds guitars exclusively from woods he cuts in nearby forests in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, had a bold idea: invite a group of luthiers to each build an instrument using wood from the same trees. In addition to Saumier, five other luthiers took part in the project—Randy Muth, Joshua House, Alan Carruth, Jeremy Anderson, and Joseph Hart. These six builders created seven instruments (Saumier contributed two) from red spruce, black cherry, and Eastern hop hornbean that Saumier sawed himself and provided to his fellow builders. Because each guitar features a cherrywood back and sides, the endeavor quickly became known as the Cherry Seven Project.

Exhibited as a collection at this year’s show, the seven guitars attracted a lot of attention for their sonic appeal and visual beauty. Though the woods used in these acoustics came from the same logs, each guitar emerged from its respective workshop with a unique look and sound, proving it’s a luthier’s hands—not the materials he uses—that ultimately determines an instrument’s character.

With his Cherry Seven Project, Saumier wanted to prove a point. “I make my instruments entirely from local woods, including cherry, maple, butternut, red spruce, hornbean, poplar, basswood, blue beech, Eastern hemlock, Eastern white cedar, willow, and apple,” he said. “Though our native hardwoods are not as dense as some of the more exotic woods from the rain forests or Africa, it is certainly possible to make master-grade instruments from local materials.”

exerpt from an article by Joe Coffey, Andy Ellis and Liana Prudencio in Premier Guitar Magazine, sept. 2010


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J’ai joué sur beaucoup de guitares chères et de bonne renommée… et quand j’ai travaillé avec Marc en 2008  j’ai eu la chance d’essayer toutes ses créations.  Les manches sont tout simplement parfaits!  Et chaque guitare a son propre son et sa propre personnalité.”

Lawiz, guitarist (Cosmik Debris, Pêle-Mêle, Ska Sound System)